Mikhail Busch is a Canadian, artist, currently living in Victoria British Columbia. This website is both a portfolio and blog. As always enjoy!

I was born & raised in a loving family,  with both parents being Lutheran Ministers that served in the Canadian Military Forces as chaplains. Consequently growing up in a military family, moving from one posting to the next provided an opportunity to see a lot of Canada through it’s diverse landscapes and communities.

From a young age, I was noted among family as having “come out of the womb drawing”. Much of my education encouraged my creativity, well into high-school. I later entered into post secondary education at University of Victoria, where found I was very much interested in art, philosophy and art-history. However I steered away from my initial interest in Visual Arts and majored with an honors in Humanities and major in History of Art, then continuing further with a Masters of Arts. My masters thesis examined concepts of spirituality in relation to the German Romanticism art movement, by focusing on the confluence of ideas between 17th century mystic Jakob Böhme, with 19th century figures, poet & writer Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg) and landscape painter Caspar David Friedrich.

Ultimately with my graduate thesis I came to profound recognition of the importance of art in conveying spirituality and the theological concepts of various faiths and religious practices. It was through that process that I returned to my initial calling in art.

There is so much to say when one attempts to explain one’s life. What can be said is that life continues to be a journey of discovery, and we must share that journey with each other. Through art,  poetry, and music, whatever medium impulsivity seems to take, in the end, all one can do, is create.